Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Goal for March

     I came back from Quilt Con with my head full of ideas and plans and I'm really hoping that I will find time to work on the design ideas and quilting ideas that I learned about there. But I came home to find out that a friend of mine is not in good health so this quilt has made it's way to the top of the list.

      I came home on Friday and  pretty much had the quilt top together by Sunday night.  Getting it quilted is the goal for March, although I'm hoping to get it done in a week or so.  
It's my OMG for March.  I'm also hoping to get a quilt done for the Curated Quilts challenge this month.  Wish me luck and maybe more hours in the day.  I'll link this intention up to the OMG link up for March and I'll link it with the Lets Bee Social  link up as well.

Monday, 4 March 2019

Canadian Quilts at Quilt Con

     Dwight and I are back from our two week trip to and from Quilt Con.  We are rested up and I'm ready to share some of the Canadian Quilts that were hanging in the show.
       I'm sure you have all seen the quilts that won ribbons.  If not you can go here  to see them.  It was exciting to see that the Best of Show ribbon was won by a Canadian Leanne Chahley @shecanquilt.  It was also exciting that Kathryn Upitis @kupitis won a  Judges Choice Ribbon for her moving Quilt " Some Things Are Not Easily Seen".  Both of are from Alberta.  Mathew Wheeler of the Vancouver Modern Guild won the third place in theMichael Miller challenge for his quilt "Delta Eclipse".    I'll share some other quilts here that you may or may not have seen in social media.
     The first three quilts were all made by my Guild Mate Jennifer Johnson, @jenniferjohnson80.
      These first two where her entries into the two colour challenge.

Here's her third quilt, Amethyst in the piecing category.  Jennifer is a super talented quilter and has had quilts in several other Quilt Con shows.

Here's a quilt by a friend from the Toronto Modern Guild.  I was happy to see that Laura Henneberry, @commonwealthquilts had a quilt "The Mighty Hok" hanging in the show.

     Erin Suliak @sulicat_north  from the North west Territories had this fun quilt hanging in the show.  Erin has had work in previous shows. She likes to work with reclaimed fabrics.

     Quarter Turn Medallion was made by Nicole Skinner @natalieskinnerquilts of Victoria B.C.  I love the precision and simplicity in the quilt.  She also did an outstanding job with her quilting.

And here is a quilt made by Bill Stearman @bill_stearman of Ontario who I met at Quilt Con two years ago.  It's called "For the Oppression of the LGBTQ2 Communities, We apologize.  Bill based this quilt on an apology made by Prime Minister Trudeau on November 28 2017 to LGBTQ2 Canadians.  The words of the speech are embedded in the quilt.

     I was familiar with the work of all these quilters, but a really fun part of the show for me was the discovery of beautiful work by Canadians whose work was new to me.  This minimalist quilt  " karella" was made by Susan Lukachko from Ontario

Hanna Farquharson @h_farquharson_studio is from Saskatchewan and she had two wonderful quilts at Quilt Con.  These were both beautiful and well made.  The first is called Breathing.  I just love the colour  green in this quilt.

Here's the second quilt with a close up shot of the detail.

     I hope you enjoyed this mini show of some of the quilts at quilt con.  In addition to seeing the quilts I gained great insight and inspiration from Yvonne Fuchs, Cheryl Brickey and Christina Camelli, in the workshops that I attended. I also had fun connecting with some of the folks I have met on line.  In addition to Yvonne and Cheryl, I met Patty of Elm Street Quilts, Paige of Quilted Blooms, Carole Lyles Shaw and Kim of Leland Avenue Studio as well as  some folks I follow on instagram. 
     I have been to two Quilt Con shows and each time I think it is my last for financial reasons.  But who knows  in two years Quilt Con will be in Atlanta and rumour has it that flights to Atlanta are cheap so you just never know.

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Hand Pieced Quilt Along

Dwight and I are still on the road so I am just popping in quickly to post block four of the Hand Pieced Quilt Along.

          I took the photo on the bathroom counter at our hotel in Paducah Kentucky. Yes we will be going to the American Quilt Museum tomorrow and to Handcocks of Paducah before we travel to our next  destination which is unknown at this point.

  Getting back to the block.  It's not ironed yet and yes I hand pieced the whole block while travelling in the car.  You might wonder what happened to block three.  It was a bit more fiddly so I jumped to block 4.  There is a small chance that I will finish up block three before the end of the month.  I doubt that I will get block 5 done by the end of the month.  

    I know that many of you would like to know about my experience at Quilt Con and I promise you that I will post about it once we get home.  I'll also try to catch up with reading blog posts.  I was very low energy before going on this trip but I have found that attending Quilt Con has put a new spring in my step. I'm going to link up with the hand pieced quilt along link up.

Thursday, 21 February 2019

     Here it is Thursday and I am signing in to link up my finished block two of the Hand Pieced Quilt Along, hosted by Patty and Kristen.  It's a pretty popular quilt along.  I think many of us are happy to be slowing down a bit and working with our hands. 

     Patty and Kristen have released Five Blocks and here I am showing you block two.  I have been working diligently on  the pieces for blocks three and four during our road trip but they are not assembled yet.  Here are some of the pieces for block three.

     I am writing this post at 6:30 am Nashville time.  That's 7:30 am my time and I am enjoying the awake and rested moment here. Dwight and I arrived in Nashville yesterday.  We are staying in a B and B in the east end of the city and although staying in a B and B is expensive I am happy that we made this choice.  The area is quiet and very artsy, most of the houses are from the arts and crafts period and there are all sorts of interesting little shops and restaurants. We are tucked into a real neighbourhood and our windows overlook backyards where the first signs of spring are showing.  
     I registered for Quilt Con yesterday evening.  It was about an hour and a half in the line up.  Already I have run into Yvonne of Quilting Jet Girl.  Thanks for the hug, Yvonne, Patty of Elm Street Quilts (she registered me) and Kim from Leeland Ave Quilts.  I've also seen Becky and Laura from the TMG ( more hugs !) and Linda also from TMG handing out the swag bags.  Here's what was in the bag.

     Yes that is a real fortune cookie.

     After registration Dwight and I headed back to our part of the city, it's a 10 minute drive and had dinner at a fun very popular trendy restaurant called Butcher and Bee.  It was so packed we had to sit at the counter by the open kitchen, but that was really entertaining as we got to watch all the kitchen staff whip up the food.  The food was amazing and the staff where all so very friendly.

     Today I'll be taking a class with Cheryl Brickey and taking in the quilts but for now I'm linking up with the hand pieced quilt along

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

February Goal

I've been in a bit of a low energy slump, probably because it's February so I haven't been posting much on the blog but I'm just popping in to set a goal for February.  As I'll be travelling for a couple of weeks I've decided to make keeping up with the Hand Pieced quilt along my goal for February.  By this I mean everything that should be done by the end of February will be completed.

     I hope to see some of you at Quilt Con.  I'm super excited and gathering the things I need for the workshops together.  
I'm linking up with Elm Street Quilts OMG linkup.

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

January Goal is Finished

     Well with one day to go I finished my January goals.  There were two of them.  The first was to finish the first block of the hand pieced quilt along and here it is. I haven't pressed it yet so it's kind of standing up on the cutting mat.

     I took it along with me to work today and worked on it on my lunch break.  One of my co workers asked me why I would want to make a quilt by hand.  I have to say that it was a great little project to take along with me.  It was way too cold to go out for a walk on my break but I was able to take my thoughts for a nice break from work.  Kind of like meditation. So portability and the relaxation of hand work are two good reasons to piece by hand.
     When I posted about this project on Sunday I got a few positive comments on the fabric.  It's left over fabric designed by Libs Elliot.  I have a rainbow of these leftovers and I'm having fun working with them.
     The second part of my goal was to get the rest of the cutting done for the Modern Plus Signs quilt along.  I managed to do this as well.

     It doesn't look like much but it's all the cutting for the rest of the quilt.  Now that my machine is back in the house I might get to work on the piecing.  I think it will go quickly without having to cut for each of the sections. Now all I need is time at the machine.  I'll be heading over to Elm Street Quilts to the link ups for the Hand pieced quilt Along and the One Monthly Goal link up.


Sunday, 27 January 2019

The Hand and The Machines

     My sewing machine came back from the repair shop on Friday after a three week vacation! With no machine on hand  I have been focusing on clean up and organization, and my January Goals which are cutting all the fabric for the Modern Plus Quilt Along....I'm about half way done and working on the Hand Sewn Quilt Along.  

     I'll be spending some time today hand stitching and I'm linking this post up to the slow stitching link up with Kathy of Kathy's quilts.  I don't link up often because I tend to be more of a machine girl, although I love hand quilting and maybe when I retire I'll do more.  My plans for this quilt, are to make the on point rainbow version, and if you are extra observant you will see that I mis calculated the fabric requirements when cutting.  This can be easily fixed so no worries.  I am a very slow hand stitcher but I have a whole week to get it done with a train ride to Toronto tucked in on Friday so I should finish with no problem.
     I'll also be cutting some more and maybe doing a little piecing to make sure everything is o.k. with my machine, and while we are on the topic of machines,  I have had a little time to work on the mid arm that I jointly own with my two friends.  I decided to start on a very scrappy donation quilt and to practice meandering, which I find very difficult. I can now say that I have finished my first quilt on the machine.  There are things to be worked on, like thread tension and smoothness of design but all in all I think it turned out alright.  Here's a shot of my favourite block in this quilt and my meandering.

     But for now I will get back to my hand stitching and cutting before the day slips away....