About Me

   I live with my husband in a small city not far from the big city of Toronto Ontario.   I've lost track of when I took my first quilting class but I think it was in 2004.  I started to quilt in a more concentrated way a couple of years ago when my two children left home.

     My favourite part of quilting is when the blocks are sewn into rows as this is where I feel the quilt really starts to come together.  The interplay of fabrics brings me joy.  I love piecing by machine and english paper piecing.  Over the last year I have focussed on quilting: with walking foot, free motion or hand quilting.

    I belong to the Royal City Quilters Guild and the Toronto Modern Quilters Guild and have made many friends through quilting. These days I am drawn more and more to modern quilts. 
Over the next while I would like to work on modern techniques and I plan to begin designing some of my own quilts.  I'm on a journey of discovery.  I hope you join me.

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Mary maloney said...

I absolutely love your quilt with Cloud9. I'm following your blog.