Sunday, 30 September 2018

Septembers Goal is done

     I've been absent from Social Media pretty much all month. September is always a crazy busy time for me and this month there was an out of town wedding that took up a weekend and a quilt show to prepare for and finish up quilts for.  I did get my September goal finished but then I had to whisk it off to the quilt show organizers before I could get a half decent photo shoot so here's a quick pick of it at the show and I promise to give you more details and a better write up later.

     It's not the best photo but it's the only one I have at the moment.  I'll get some better ones for later.   So it's the quilters planner quilt along quilt.

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Septembers Goal

     I am feeling a bit stressed about my quilting right now and honestly that is not a good place to be.  With a quilt show coming up for my traditional guild, a challenge to complete for my modern guild and the comfort quilt program starting up again (this year I have a co chair), I'm juggling a lot of balls.  Things were feeling just manageable until I started quilting the PostCard from Sweden quilt.

     Here it is sitting innocently beside the sewing machine.  I thought it would be an easy walking foot job but I've been struggling with skipped threads, followed by tension issues after I changed needles.  I suspect the problem is the backing fabric which is a densely woven African batik.  I'm hoping to figure out the issues because this fabric is perfect for the back of this quilt and it is absolutely gorgeous to boot!
I'll take any advice you have to offer, kind folks.

     If things had been going along as expected with the quilting I would be working on it right now but I've decided to give it a short rest. Deep breath in, I'm starting to feel better already. Quilting Postcards was going to be my goal for September but I'm chucking that goal out the window. I may still get it done but I don't want the pressure. Instead I will focus on trimming, binding and labelling my Quilters Planner Quilt, along with adding a hanging sleeve.  This one I know will be joining Rory's Quilt in the show.  Here's a sneak peak, which will give you a preview of Mary's amazing quilting.

      Postcard might be hanging around at home with Mango Smoothie.  There will be other shows in the future and maybe they can get to shine there. I do tend to set robust goals for myself but I am also able to let go.  Good thing that.  I am also learning to say no, even to things that sound fun and interesting.  

     The best quilty thing I did over the summer was work on the Curated Quilts challenge for August. I don't say this because I think the result was awesome or anything like that.  I say this because by working on the challenge I gave myself time to play and create and for this quilter that's what I'd like the journey to be about. So I think I will spend some time this week working on the challenge for the Modern Guild.  I've got me some experimenting to do.  Linking up with Elm Street Quilts September Goal link up.