Friday, 12 May 2017

Free Fall Progress

     The past two weeks have been even busier than normal. I've been to three different guild meetings, one bee day, a workshop with Sherri Lynn Wood in Toronto and a training for my job.  I've also had a cold and allergies so it's been hard to sit down and share my experiences here.   I do however, have some progress to share on the Free Fall quilt along.  None of the progress you are seeing here is mine though.  There is a little bit of Cyndy progress and a lot of Wendy progress added to my blocks in this photo.  The lighter leaves don't show up too well so you will have to use your imaginations.

     One of the 1/2 and 1/2 blocks is missing because a small piece of fabric was with me and not with Wendy. Actually now that I think about it there is some progress by me as I fixed the leaf points that were going in the wrong direction.   We are making our quilt larger than the original so there are a few more blocks to come.  There is a sew day at our local guild on Saturday and we are planning to put the top together there....I know Sandra has yet to post the  instructions but I think we can figure it out.
      Things will continue to be busy in the next while as we will be visiting my sister over the Victoria Day weekend.  Fingers crossed she's not flooded.  Two weeks after that our second grandson will be delivered by C section and lucky me I get to babysit his older brother for a couple of days while his Dad is at a work training.  Life is good.  Just no time to sit down.  I'm linking with the Free Fall Link up.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

One Monthly Goal for May

     It's time to set my Monthly Goal for May and I've decided to tackle putting the top together for my 2016 Stash Bee Top.
I chose the Circle of Squares or Circle of Friends block for that project.  It's been a year since I posted the tutorial to my bee mates so it it will be nice to put it together for that anniversary.

          The pattern for these blocks came from Janeth of Toefeather.  I altered the pattern to make 15 1/2" blocks not thinking about the fact that my biggest squaring up ruler is 12 1/2".  Lisa of Lisa in Port Hope shared  in a comment with me how she squares blocks using her cutting mat, but I've managed to borrow a really big squaring up ruler from Cheryl so I will be able to use that. 

     So while I wait for the last of my 2017 bee blocks to arrive, I'll move the 2016 blocks closer to completion.

     What's your monthly goal for May? 
 I'm linking up with the OMG goal link up at Elm Street Quilts.