Monday, 5 May 2014

May for Me

     I  read  about May for Me on  Kathy's blog last week.    I was feeling exhausted after an overly busy April and I thought some me time in May is just what I need.  I've been thinking about ways to sneak a little me time into my days.  Fifteen minutes of meditation a day is something I'll try for May.  I need to create some space in my head.
      On Saturday Our Guild had a  sewing day and some of us were talking about how we don't use our quilts on our beds because we worry about our pets wrecking them. In my case the quilt is on the bed but no one can see it because it's covered so the cat won't scratch it.  I realized that I don't want the quilt hidden away.  I want to enjoy it.

    So I trimmed the cat's nails and  the next morning I made the bed and put the quilt on the top.  It didn't take long for  the cat to hop up on the bed. I didn't stress out about it and I didn't shoo him off. I folded up a blanket and made him a little soft bed on the bed, and that's where he's spending his time.
He's looking pretty evil in this picture....maybe just waiting for me to leave the room before he gets the claws out.  Just kidding, the system seems to be working. Yeah!  May for me and May for Benni too!

     If you are wondering about the sewing day at the Guild.  It's a Past President's mystery.  We have a couple of them a year.  We get together for a day of sewing and the Guild Past Presidents provide us with a pattern or sewing idea .  They also feed us lunch and make door prizes.  It's ton's of fun!

    As the projects are always a mystery until we get there I try to use fabric from my stash. I chose to use batiks that had been in the stash for a while.   Here's what I manged to accomplish.  5 1/2  X blocks.  I spend a lot of time socializing and checking out every one else's projects.  Which of course is half the fun!

     Only another 25 blocks to go.  I'm not sure when I'll get back to this project as I have several others on the go.  I'm linking up to May for Me at Marcia's blog  .


  1. I'm glad that your kitty is behaving and you're getting to enjoy your quilt.

  2. You are brave cutting your cats claws. I end up with cuts and scratches and a furious cat!