Friday, 16 May 2014

A Little Spring Time Meditiation

      There has not been much sewing happening  here lately.  It's because Spring has finally arrived!  Instead of sewing there have been walks in the woods and gardening. Obsession number two for me is  gardening with plants that are native to our area, which is southern Ontario.  We have a pretty large city property and although we don't garden exclusively with natives , we are using more and more of them all the time.  Two years ago we planted several little trees at the back of our yard.  That August I think it rained once the whole month.  I really bonded to those trees as I lugged buckets of water back there every second night for that entire month.  Unfortunately I think a couple of my babies didn't make it through this years severe winter conditions.
      Last summer I planted some woodland flowers  under the trees.  I only tried a couple because I wasn't sure if the soil was rich enough for them.  Last week I was happy to see that my Trillium came back up!

     Now I know they'll survive I've planted more and other woodland plants as well. I find it's really good for my soul to weed the garden and hang out with the trees.  Linking up with the slow bloggers  at Knotted Cotton and with May for Me.



  1. Where do you buy your native plants? I live in Southern Ontario too and I'd like to add some to my garden.

    1. Hi Linda: I mostly buy them at the Guelph Farmers Market. There is a vendor named Steve who sells them. This year I bought some from the local Waldorf school. The first place I got some from is Grand Moraine Growers. They are just outside of Elmira. There is a nursery on the Native Reserve just outside of Brantford. If you search for Native Ontario Plants you'll come up with more possibilities. Good luck!

  2. It's lovely to see someone gardening with native plants - especially when their native plants include trilliums! It's so nice to get glimpses of gardens around the world.

  3. Spending time outside with plants and trees sounds delightful to me.