Friday, 2 May 2014

A Bright Quilt Finish for Spring!

I finished what I have been calling my crazy curves quilt.  I think it deserves a new name so I'll call it Spring becomes Summer because it shares colours from both seasons.  I snapped the shot last Sunday when we had some sunny weather.

     I made the quilt top in a workshop with Elaine Quehl at Greenwood Quiltery in Guelph.  Elaine is an Art Qulter who makes beautiful quilts of flowers and plants.  You can find her at . I took her "Liberated Strip Piecing" workshop several years ago but the top sat around for ever because I couldn't figure out how to quilt it.
     Then last year I saw several quilts on various blogs which used this quilting pattern or variations of it.  I can't recall them all but I do remember there was one on the Quilt Matters blog and one on Crazy Mom Quilts blog.  It's quilted with the walking foot in a big spiral.  I started in the centre of the purple section in the top right hand area of the quilt.  The quilt is 36' by 36".   It's the first finish of my Q2 Finish Along Goals.   It's hanging in a local library for the month of May in celebration of International Quilt Month!  I'm linking up to TGIFF  Quokka Quilts and to finish it up Friday at Crazy Mom Quilts.
Here's my link to the original FAL post.


  1. Beautiful! Love the colors and the spiral quilting.

  2. Thanks for the shout out, Lisa. Yes, I took Elaine's class and loved it. I love what you did with yours. Beautiful colour palette! Great idea for the quilting too!

  3. wow that is simply beautiful, I love the colors and the quilting, great job