Friday, 8 July 2016

Meadow Mystery Fabric Pull

     I really enjoyed quilting along with Cheryl of Meadow Mist Designs last year for the Midnight Mystery, so I decided to repeat the experience and join in with the Meadow Mystery. 
She released the fabric requirements yesterday.  Here are my choices.

       The fabrics are from left to right
A. Timeless Treasures fabrics of Soho (medium)
C. Sarah Watts, Sketches and Memories of Costa Rica (dark)
D. Dear Stella 370 ( light medium)
B.  Don't know what it is as there is nothing on the selvedge (dark).
These are lying on fabric E which is Kona Ash (light)

     I found picking the fabrics for last years mystery quite difficult so I asked Cheryl to send me the fabric requirements in advance.  I live within short walking distance of my lqs, Greenwood Quiltery and I was drawn to a collection of fabrics they had there which included the purple above, as well as dark blues, aquas, and golds.  I was mostly drawn to the fabric line because of this fabric here.  It comes in three colour ways and it is gorgeous.

     I was considering this fabric for one of the darks and I asked Cheryl for her opinion on it.  Cheryl shared a tip with me which I will share with you.  She suggested I look at the fabric in two inch increments and see if it remained dark.  When I did this I realized that in some places it looks dark and in some places it looks medium.  The Sarah Watts fabric also has variation in value but you can see in the photo below it tends to remain dark.  Thanks for that tip Cheryl!

     And also thanks to Hilary who helped me find just the right pink and the Kona Ash for the background.  I love this fabric pull and I hope it looks great in the quilt.  I still need to pick up some fabrics for Yvonne's quilt along "Snow Flake Shimmer Quilt Along" I've had my eye on some Yoko Saito fabric for that quilt.  We are going on a field trip to Kallisti Quilts on Wednesday.  These particular fabrics are not listed on the website so I'm hoping Michelle still has them.  If not I still have a bit of time to find something else.  I'm looking forward to joining in on both of these quilt alongs.  I'm sure they will be quite different from each other but I might be surprised.




Cheryl said...

These are some great fabrics, beautiful strong colors and great contrast fabric to fabric. The quilt is going to be awesome!

Yvonne @ Quilting Jetgirl said...

Oh, what a fun combination! I love how the pink is in your Fabric B in those sliver moons. It is going to be fun to see what we make over the next few months. :)

Dave S. said...

Those colors are fantastic. That should make an awesome quilt. vibrant!!!!

Pamela said...

Great fabric choices! I am tempted to join in, but I still haven't finished last year's quilt. I did well at the beginning, but I think I still have a few months at the end left undone. Maybe if I get it done in the near futre, I can still join in on the new quilt!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful fabric choices!!! I love the pink that moves throughout!

Tish Stemple said...

I love these fabrics together,especially the Ash for the background fabric.

the zen quilter said...

I'm joining this year too, but I haven't had time to choose my fabric yet! Now I'm out of town for five days. But I'll get there...This is going to be fun!

Hilary Straus said...

Oh my gosh thanks for the shout out Lisa! You are most welcome!