Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Choose Your Own Block Update.

      I read about the Choose Your Own Block link up at Leanne's blog   She can Quilt. a few weeks ago .  She made a reference to the Tula Pink Modern City Sampler .   I started making these blocks several months ago but in my usual fashion I bounced onto something else.  I'm hoping the link up can help keep me on track with this quilt.   Here's were I got to several months ago.

     My approach to making the blocks is to flip through the books and my fabric until something seems to work between the two.  Clock Wise from the top left they are block 10 (my favourite), block 33, block 16 and block 71.  Block 71 is a little wonky but not as bad as it looks in the picture.
     My latest two blocks are pictured below.

       It's interesting how colour affects our perception.  These blocks are the same size but the darker one looks so much bigger.  The block on the left is block 73 and must be the easiest block in the book.  The block on the right is an exact replica of block 99.  All my fabrics aren't Tula Pinks  but the fabrics in these two blocks are.  Except for the solids of course.  This is going to be one popping quilt!

     I'm also working on the Alphabet Blocks sew along over at the Temecula Quilt Co.   They are being presented 2 blocks at a time.   Here are my blocks for that grouping.

     I'm linking up one day late to the Choose Your Own Block Along at Live a Colourful Life.


  1. Good for you! Your blocks look great. I'm doing the City Sampler too. Piecing letters is a favourite

  2. I'm so glad you are doing the City Sampler--isn't it fun to see the same blocks in different fabrics? I'm enjoying the alphabet letters too!