Tuesday, 14 October 2014

4th Quarter List

       I've managed to finish two projects each for the 2nd and 3rd Quarters of the Finish Along at the Littlest Thistle.  To be fair I was slowed down last quarter by deciding to hand quilt my double wedding ring quilt.  You would think I would make my list shorter this time....but Im not going to .   You never know which two or maybe three of these projects I will feel like finishing.  So here is the big list.

1.   I still haven't quilted the half hexagon quilt
I have managed to find backing fabric so the odds are good I'll finish this one.

2.  I'm making a hexagon sewing kit out of the scraps from the above quilt.   I think the odds are good on finishing this one as well.

3.  I might get the giant chevron finished as I am trying to keep up with the fm quilt along at Elven Gardens blog.  I'm a bit behind but this one has potential.

4.  This is my fabric pull and at the top the only diamonds I've cut for the Emerge Quilt from Rachel  at Stitched in Colors' Angled Class.

5.  Here's another pattern from Stitched in Color.  The penny patch quilt along.  To finish this one, I'll have to  finish these blocks, find the blocks I've already completed and put the two together.

6.  This is my oldest project on my list.  Swoon.  All the blocks are made.   I'm not sure why I'm stalled on this one.

     So here's my crazy list.   I know I won't finish them all but maybe I'll make progress on some of them......and we'll see which two or three I manage to finish.   I'm linking up with Katy Cameron at the Littlest Thistle.


  1. I see potential in finishing the swoon quilt too. Do you have backing fabric for it? Love fabrics for your emerge quilt, keep at it!

  2. So glad to see someone else makes a big ol' list, just so you won't run out of things to do when you get bored or distracted. Love your Giant Chevron! Good luck in your 4th quarter endeavors.

  3. Thank you for your comments. They are much appreciated.