Sunday, 1 June 2014

Small Blog Meet

        Last month I really enjoyed reading Anne's post at  so I decided  I would write a similar introductory post.     I live in southern Ontario in Canada and I know lots of quilters  who I met through my local guild.   Most quilters I know work on traditional  and/or contemporary quilts or art quilts with lots of embellishment.  I've been quilting a bit here and there as a hobby for close to 10 years.  I've made traditional and contemporary quilts  but I also have a keen interest in Modern quilts.  I love checking out what other quilters are doing on the internet.

            (Quilt I made for my grandniece Isla. She and her family  live in cottage country so I thought they would like the canoe, fish and bear fabric. My simple design)
      I started writing the blog in February of this year. I'm not completely sure I know why.  It's not like I need to keep myself busy .  I work full time and I'm busy with many small quilting groups and a  book club.  I have a hard time squeezing in exercise which I really need to do.  I think like many others who blog I like to reflect on what I'm doing and I like to write.

( Little Man Quilt Camille Roskelley design)
          Both of my kid's have grown up and left home. The youngest completely moved out just this year so I suppose the blog fills a space that the kids used to fill up.  Blogging lets me focus on myself and something which I care about.  It gives me a new hobby and I get to learn new skills.   I'm following the beautify your blog posts at Sew at Home Mummy so expect to see some improvements here in time.  

 (Houses Quilt, Pattern by Johanna Masko )

    The best thing about blogging is that I get to have conversations with quilters all over the world.  To see what they are doing , to pick up tips advice and ideas.  It's also a good way to set some goals and keep track of my progress.   I find that I'm getting more quilting done than I used to, since I started this blog just 4 months ago.

( Park Bench Quilt Along  Block from JayBird Quilts

         I'm looking forward to getting to know some of the other small bloggers through these posts at the Small Blog meet at lilysquilts    


  1. Hi, love your houses quilt. My youngest has just left for university but I also work full time and juggle stuff but trying to blog too.

  2. I'm also in southern Ontario. Your house quilt is so lovely.

  3. Hi Lisa, I'm Catherine from just outside Cardiff in the UK. I enjoyed reading about your motivation to blog and seeing your lovely quilts. I started to blog this year too, mainly so I could document my progress (or lack of it!) and I have loved 'meeting' others in the world-wide quilting community too. I'm adding you to the blogs I follow.

  4. Blogging gives you the push to crack on with projects, I think it makes us all more productive being answerable at some imagined/self imposed level to our readership but if it gets the work done and we're having fun there's nothing wrong with that! You got some great quilts there and I particularly like your House Quilt, lovely to read about your :D - Chris

  5. I enjoyed reading your motivation. I am at your same life stage and have chosen to focus on quilting too. I recently started working again after years of homeschooling. I'm following along with Erin's blog tutorials too. Her series gave me the motivation to start my blog. I have ventured out into hops and Linky parties. Next will be joining a quilt along or bee. I look forward to following along with you.