Friday, 13 June 2014

I've got a Friday Finish


    I'm excited to share that I have a Friday Finish!

   The last stiches were worked on the binding  on Wednesday night, and we took the photos Thursday night while there was still some light.

The pattern is Pow Wow from Cluck Cluck Sew. Most of the fabric  was from my stash.  I love how colourful it is. Some of the fabrics are favourites and I am happy that the quilt is going to someone  I love who I know will really love the quilt. 


     In this picture you can see my beginner free motion quilting.  This is the biggest quilt I've tried free motion quilting on so far.   Im pretty happy with my progress although before I start fmq I always think I'll be able to do a better job than I actually able to.

   My sewing machine is a lower to mid range Janome and doesn't have many bells and whistles.  Sometimes I wish I had a better machine and I think I would be so much better at fmq if I did have  one.  It's not in the budget though and in all honesty I think I just have to put in the work and practice practice practice.


   I'm liking the pink strip on the back here.  So much more interesting than one fabric throughout.

     This happy little quilt and I are taking a little trip in to Toronto today.  We are  going to the Royal Ontario Museum with my daughter and my Aunt.  I'll be delivering the quilt to its recipient after that. She's been waiting for me to finish it for so long that she's given up hope.

     Tomorrow I'm going to Quilt Canada with two of my quilting buddies.   It will be our first time going to Quilt Canada. I'm very excited!

  This is my second finish for the 2nd Quarter Finish Along.  Linking up to TGIFF at Riddle and Whimsy and to Finish it up Friday at.Crazy Mom Quilts and here's my link to the original FAL post.


  1. What a cheerful quilt, I love it! And the quilting looks awesome!

  2. Such an adorable and sweet finish, Lisa! I do hear you about the fmq. You did an incredible job of it on this quilt. And you are sew right. It does take practice, practice, practice. Congratulations on a beautiful finish!

  3. A great quilt. You don't need a fancy machine to quilt on. I haven't. You just need determination and practice. that's the only secret to it xx

  4. Your quilt looks great and I agree with Gina, determination and practice :) doodling a lot helps too!

  5. Looks lovely to me - I've yet to try fmq as keep wimping out

  6. This quilt is so cheerful! And I love all the pink, yum! Lovely finish!

  7. Your quilt is lovely. You chose great fabrics for this pattern. Thanks for visiting my blog–I tried to email you, but you're a no-reply blogger :-(

  8. The pow wow quilt is such a great, simple design, and your version is lovely and colourful. I agree the pink stripe through the back adds great interest. Thanks for your comment on my blog - I can't reply to your email directly - you come through as a no-reply blogger.

  9. love your quilt; I'm sure someone special will be so pleased; TFS!

  10. Hi Lisa,
    Visiting from Crazy Mom Quilts, even though I didn't have a Friday finish, just browsing the links. I DO have a finish as of yesterday that you might like and it's a bit "wee-ooh, wee-ooh" à la Twilight Zone because it's a Cluck Cluck Sew pattern as well! And, I'm from the same province as you are. AND the talk at my guild meeting last night was all about Quilt Canada!
    I really like your Pow Wow quilt fabric choices! So bright and cheery! If you want to fix the no-reply blogger issue (which is because you're on Google+ -- I speak from experience: was a Blogger profile, then switched to Google+, then went BACK to Blogger because of the no-reply issue) you need to use a Blogger profile and NOT your Google+ one. Karen tells you more about it here:
    She has a TON of tutorials on "how to" for your blog. She's helped me a lot.
    Hope that helps, and keep on FMQ-ing. You are totally right, it just takes practice. :-)

  11. Beautiful finish Lisa. I love your fabric choices. Great job with the FMQ I think you did a fantastic job.

  12. Congrats on your finishes :o)