Monday 18 May 2015

One Lovely Blog Award

     After taking a break from blogging for a couple of weeks, I posted an update on Slow Stitching Sunday and then checked my inbox.  I had a lovely email there from Chantal telling me that she  nominated for the  One Lovely Blog Award.   I met Chantal at the Slow Sunday Stitching linkups on Kathy's blog, where she left very kind and encouraging comments on my posts.

        The idea of the Lovely Blog Awards is  for bloggers to nominate fellow bloggers, mostly newer, that they wish to recognize.  The goal is to bring attention to blogs that we think are lovely and enjoy reading.  We hope others will enjoy reading these blogs also. When you accept the award you agree to three things:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their post.
2. Share 7 things  about  yourself.
3.  Nominate 1o other blogs for the award. Note this was how this information came to me but I have since found out that a year ago the 3rd agreement just said nominate other blogs for this I say if 10 seems overwhelming just go with the number you are happy with.

     Chantal  blogs At the Corner of Scrap and Quilts.  Here she shares her quilting successes and  sometimes mishaps along with tidbits about her life.  Her warm friendly French Canadian personality really shines in her posts which are often filled with humour.  Thanks so much for nominating me Chantal.  I am honoured to receive this nomination from you.

1.  I work full time in a Health Food Store and quilt part time.

Liberated Strip Pieced Quilt

2.  I'm the only quilter on my side of the family, but my husband's family is Mennonite and several are accomplished quilters.  The first quilt that came into my life was hand pieced by his grandmother and hand quilted by the women at the church he grew up in.  It was given to us as a wedding gift.

3.  When I started to quilt approximately 10 years ago I was really starting from scratch as I was one of those people who really struggled with Home Economics in Junior High.  I remember throwing a dress in the back of the closet in frustration.  I now know I could call that a "work in progress " rather than thinking of it as a failure.  I did finish it eventually so I guess it became a  "lovely finish".

 4.  I'm not crazy about applique but I love English Paper Piecing. 

E.P.P. Sewing Kit  Source Quiltopaedia

5.  I belong to two guilds.  One is a traditional guild and one is modern.  I like to work in both styles.

Top picture Double Wedding Ring  bottom Giant Chevron quilt pattern from Jess at Elven Gardens blog.

6.  In the larger traditional guild I volunteer with the committee that co-ordinates the making of comfort quilts for the sexual assault unit at the local hospital.  I love doing this and think it is one of the most important things that we do as a guild.

7.  Theoretically I love gardening with Native (to my area) trees and plants.  I say theoretically because I am always enthused about gardening in the Spring but my enthusiasm wanes in the heat of the Summer.  The garden is large and overwhelming, but we chip away at it and it gets better every year.

     But now on to the fun part where I nominate 10 lovely blogs.  So here they are in no particular order.  I love all these blogs and I hope you do too.  I hope that you visit them and if you do please say hello from me.

1.  Preeti from Sew Preeti Quilts
2.  Iris from Crazy Dutch Bird Quilts
3. Catherine from Ditsy Gran Quilts
5. Pamela from  hokkaidodudasai
6. V. Hair ofSewing Softly
7. Kaja of Sew Slowly
8. Maryse of Maryse Makes Things
9. Terry of hexy lady
10. Ann of Annie Mac Original



Pamela said...

Lisa, Thank you for nominating me for this award! I was previously nominated and posted about it here - Thank you for your kindness in nominating me again.

Sandra Walker said...

Thank you, as I said to you by email, for thinking of moi! It really made my day. I haven't heard of this (I may often live under a rock by the lake here, you know) so it was a lovely surprise...get it?! I so enjoy reading what you are up to, and it was really interesting to see some quilts with which I am not familiar, as well as to know that you, like me, like both traditional as well as modern quilting. I will be sure to pay this forward. :-)

Kaja said...

Thank you for including me in your list, Lisa. I enjoyed this post - it's nice to learn a bit more about you and I like the quilt pics too!

Maryse said...

Thank you, Lisa! I enjoyed reading your post, it was nice to read and know a bit more about you. :-)
Now, I wonder where you are from?? :-)))

Lisa J. said...

I live in a small city in Ontario. Not too far from Toronto.

Lara B. said...

It's lovely to meet you Lisa and learn a little about you right off the bat. I just hopped over here from Kaja's post and Sandra also mentioned you enthusiastically in an email. The examples you have shown of your work look lovely!
So I am guessing from photo #2 that the water is Lake Ontario. We live a stone skip away from Lake Ontario and take our dogs up to romp in the parks there often. We can look across the lake and see Toronto.

Cheryl said...

Great post, I loved learning new things about you.