Sunday, 17 May 2015

Slow Stitching Update

     It is a truly beautiful day today with everything starting to turn green and fresh in the garden, the sun shining and a lovely temperature.  It's amazingly quiet in town.  Perhaps many people have gone away for the weekend.  I'm a bit stiff from working in the jungle, garden yesterday, digging and planting and moving.  

    Today I go to a wedding shower for a co worker and I'd like to finish sewing my penny patch on the machine but I will have time for a new hand work project.  I'm knitting the tension swatch for the Japan Sleeves Sweater. (That's the penny patch in the background)

     My local quilt/knitting shop is running this as a class.  I'm an incredibly slow knitter so I figure if I take the class I actually have a hope of finishing the sweater.  I fell in love with the pattern right away, the sleeves are a lace panel and the body is fairly simple stripes.
Don't you just love the colours of the yarn.
     I've also started to attach some of the background squares to my epp stars.  I don't want to be stuck doing all the background at the end.  These stars my be taking a back seat to the knitting for a while, although I can't do complicated knitting when I'm tired so maybe the stars will see some action after all.

     I'm linking up with Kathy an the other slow stitchers at Slow Stitching Sunday


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    1. Thanks Deb: It will be gorgeous if I manage to finish it.

  2. I love to have a couple of hand stitching projects... one for intense work, one for "on the go", one for "no brain power required", etc. It's a balance of projects! LOL

  3. Love the colors you selected for the sweater. Always good to have different projects for different moods or tiredness =) Hope the aches are better today.

  4. The sweater will be gorgeous with those yarns. I quilt and knit also and usually have an easy and intense quilting and knitting projects going all the time.

  5. I like to have more than one project going at a time too. Happy stitching and knitting to you.

  6. Beautiful yarn. Good idea to have the EPP to relax with.

  7. I don't know anything about knitting, but I like that yellow star!

  8. I had a garden like that once - I moved in the end! I don't knit but when I see a post like this I always wish I did.

  9. Thank you for your comments.