Sunday, 5 April 2015

Slow Stitching Sunday and the Monday Morning Star Count.

     Happy Easter.  Today being Easter and a very busy day at that , I'm not sure if I will get to any slow stitching.  Perhaps in the evening. I hope so because even on the busy days it's good to slow down a little and take some quiet time.  If I do I will have two projects waiting for me.

     I've started binding my Swoon Quilt.  After dithering back and forth over whether I should quilt it myself I decided to take it to Linda and get her to quilt it on the long arm.    I'm not good enough or fast enough yet to quilt them all myself.  I'm going to put this one into our quilt show in May so it needed to be finished.  This way I can focus on my other entry into the quilt show which is a challenge for the small Modern Group...and small enough that I can quilt it fairly quickly.

     My other hand stitching project is of course my E.P.P. stars.  Here's an updated photo of those.

     They are a little heavy in the pink , red and purple spectrum so I think I should add some other colours.  Then I can add the white background diamonds and start linking them together.  I really like having this ongoing hand stitching project. It's great to have a project you can drag all over the place.  I'll be joining in with the other Slow Stitchers at Kathy's Quilts and on Monday I'll link up with Jess at Life Under Quilts for the Monday Morning Star Count.  I think this is the right week.

     And just for the record.  Snow,  we have more snow. 


  1. Very close to a finish always a good feeling! Your stars are wonderful

  2. More snow here this morning too. Sigh! You will have swoon done in plenty of time for the quilt show. Nice stars too!

  3. I love hand stitching bindings on, I'm quite envious! Your stars are glorious - Epp is one of my favourite patchwork methods and it's been a while since I've made any stars, hmmm!!!! Have a lovely weekend :)

  4. Great progress on your starts. The white will really make the stars pop.

    1. oops, I meant stars not starts!

  5. Awesome that your show projects are going to be done in time! Can't wait to see your Swoon in person!
    Enjoy your binding!

  6. Hooray for portable projects! I like your stars.

  7. great to have the first quilt done that you show so that you can put it in your show - hand projects are always great aren't they. I'm sure your stars are going to be something else.

  8. such bright summery stars.. really makes me feel tropical just looking at them :)

  9. I'm with you. This star project is great being so portable. Our family took a long road trip over the Easter break and my stars came along too. Well done on your progress.