Wednesday, 9 April 2014

I'm spending far too much time with this quilt!

     I haven't  been that productive in the last half of March  no recent finishes so  I think I'll have to find some new places to link up.   I'm going to try linking up with the needle and thread network Work in progress
     I had plans to get lot's done and even booked a week off work to free up some time to machine quilt a couple of tops that have been patiently waiting to be finished.
 Things started out well. Dwight and I went to visit my sister and her husband for the maple syrup festivities in Prince Edward County.  We had a blast. But when we came home on Monday for my week of productivity I came down with  a horrible virus and spent the week in bed. So much for pin basting and machine quilting.
This is all I managed to work on.

 These were cut from Japanese fabrics I bought about a year ago from Kalisti Quilts in Waterloo.  The pattern is Hex Centric by Johanna Masko.  I cut these out and put them on the design wall but I was having serious issues with some of the lights not being light enough and too much going on in the quilt.  so I made some substitutions  and although there is still a lot going on in the quilt I'm happier with it.
The three strips on the left are sewn together.  The rest is waiting to be pieced.  I'm still not 100% sure about the pink but I've decided to pretend there is no other fabric in the world as I've been  driving my self mad!  This quilt and I are spending way too much time together.  Dwight is renovating our bedroom and I am sleeping in the same room as the quilt.  No wonder I'm over analyzing it!
    Our bedroom furniture and all the stuff from our closet etc is squished all over the house including in this little sewing room /bedroom with me. The dining room where I pin bast the quilts is bursting at the seams.  So no finishes in sight for me. 


  1. It is looking beautiful. Love the way the lights and darks are alternating! Quit starring at it in your sleep!

  2. I love it! Are you English Paper Piecing it? It's a slow process, but your quilt will be beautiful!