Wednesday, 9 August 2017


     One Whale:

Two Whales:

Yellow Whales, Blue Whale:

     This is the progress I've made so far on Eli's quilt.  I have one more medium whale to make and I think eight or nine little ones.

     In addition to this I have been preparing quilt sandwiches  for a two day workshop with Jacquie Gering at Hyggeligt  Fabrics in St Mary's this weekend. There are a lot of quilt sandwiches and I seem to be taking forever to get them done. I'm looking forward to the workshop. I am badly in need of some me time.

      I'm also looking forward to spending some time with my friend Deborah from the Toronto Modern Guild.  I met Deborah when she sat beside me at the January meeting and I ran into her at the airport when we were both going to Quilt Con in February.  We kept running into each other throughout Quilt Con and it was there that we decided to take this class together.

     We thought we would see each other lots of times at the Toronto Modern Guild meetings but that hasn't happened so we'll be seeing each other for the first time since February when she picks me up on the way.  I think we will have a lot of fun.  We are both stressing about those quilt sandwiches now and planning where to have dinner on Saturday night.

So I'm back to the quilt sandwiches now after I link up with Let's Bee Social.


Wednesday, 2 August 2017

August Goal

     I woke up this morning thinking about my grandson's and this made me very happy and wistful so I thought I would share the small amount of progress I have made on Eli's quilt.  I am making him the Preppy Pod small quilt by Elizabeth Hartman although I will be adding one extra row of small whales to make the quilt a bit longer.  This way it will be about the same size as Gabriel's quilt ( Dog Gone by Lorna McMahon) which you can see here.

     I started with the one large whale and I am glad that I did because it gave me a great feeling of accomplishment getting a third of the quilt done so quickly.  There is a lot more sewing in the rest of the quilt so it won't go as quickly.

     I kept my feet in the photo so you get a sense of the size of the block. I also think my sandals go nicely with this block. I really love the two fabrics I used in this block.  They are both designed by Rashida Coleman who is pretty much my favourite fabric designer.  Here's a close up.

     And here's  a photo of the beautiful boy who will use this quilt one day.

     I anticipate being quite busy this month, so I've chosen to making all the blocks for this quilt as my goal for August.  They do make up rather quickly.

     For those of you who have been following along with news on my aunt.  She's doing a lot better and I'll be meeting her at the hospital on Friday and taking her home.  So we will be pretty much back where we started which is o.k. I've enlisted the help of my kid's and my niece and nephews to each take a day of the week to phone her going into the future and we will once again try to initiate a discussion on long term care.  Unfortunately she doesn't have insight into how vulnerable she is and she is the one who has to make the decision about entering the process to go on the lists.

     I'm linking the post up to Let's Bee Social and to the OMG linkup for August.

Monday, 31 July 2017

July Goal Finished

          What a  couple of months it has been.  It's been filled with the joys and exhaustion of spending lots and lots of time with my grandsons.  I won't go into details but it has taken pretty much the two months since the birth of the baby for my daughter in law to return to health and during those two months she was back in the hospital 6 times.  It is wonderful to see her back to health and energy and no one is happier than her two boys.  Here's hoping that things stay that way.

     Additionally my aunt has had a set back and is now back in the hospital. It never rains, it pours. Over the last month or so I had been trying to get her to go on the waiting list for long term care and now we will have to speed up the process.  It's pretty complicated however and depending on how her recovery goes she may end up in the first available bed.

     Despite the busyness I managed to complete my July Goal of quilting one of the three quilts I blogged about here.
I chose the green and orange quilt that is the second quilt top I made.  It feels good to have this gem from the past quilted up. I even managed to bind it.

       It was a bit dreary out on the day I managed to squeeze in a photo shoot but you can see that it's a pretty bright quilt.  It's hanging on the back of our newer couch at the moment.  I'm hoping it can protect the couch from cat claws.

     I took a suggestion from Christina Camelli and looked for a detail in the quilt to choose how I would quilt it.  I took my cue from the fish fabric I used for the backing, which also features on the front of the quilt.

     I quilted ribbons with my walking foot and filled in some of the spaces created with free motion circles.  The idea I was going for was underwater plants.  Here's a closeup or two.

     The walking foot quilting went very slowly but the free motion accents just zipped along and I had a lot of fun with them. This quilt is my first finish for the 3rd quarter of the 2017 Finish Along.  My original post is here.  I'm happily linking my post up with the OMG July Finish Linkup, with the Main Crush Monday Linkup and withTGIFF which will be at Katy's Quilts and More this week.


Wednesday, 5 July 2017

One Monthly Goal for July

     I'm having a hard time choosing which quilt I would like to work on this I think I will cheat a bit for my one monthly goal ......and just let you know that I would like to get the quilting done for one of these three quilts.  It could be 

1. Circle of Friends 

Or 2.  This donation quilt...which actually has been sewn into a quilt top with a lot of negative space...but I haven't shared it in a photo yet.

Or 3.  The second quilt top I ever finished.

     I have a rough plan for how I would like to quilt each of these.  I just have to pick one and go for it.  My time will still be limited as my son's new work contract has started and my daughter in law will still need help with the kids.  But I do have a week off work this month so I'm super optimistic that I'll be able to make great head way that week.

     I had been planning to pin baste one of the tops on Friday but I think I may have to go in to Toronto to see my aunt.  I've been so busy with the kids that I haven't seen her for several weeks.  My sister has been picking up the slack.

     I'll be linking this post up to the OMG link up for July and with the Let's Bee Social link up.  See you there.

Monday, 3 July 2017

Third Quarter List

     I am having a difficult time this year with finishes.  In Quarter One I had one finish and in Quarter Two I had no finishes.  I have moved some of my projects forward though, so all is not in vain.  I have a couple of baby quilts I have to add to the mix for completion this year.  One of these babies, my second grandson, is already a month old so I will add his quilt to the  Third Quarter list.  I have yet to start it but here are some of the fabrics I will be using.  The second baby will be born in August and I have no idea when her/his quilt will be finished.
The Toronto Modern Guild is hosting a curves workshop with Jen Carlton-Bailly this summer which I may or may not be able to go to.  It's on the long weekend in August so Dwight and I might have other plans.  You never know with his work in the summer. This has gotten me thinking about curves and it brought the next quilt to mind.   I thought this quilt must have been on a finishing list before but I couldn't find any pictures of it so I guess not.  I started it a long time ago so I should pay some attention to it. Step one will be to pull these blocks out of the needs to be done pile and iron them.

Here are my repeats from last quarter: 

Another curved quilt:  the clamshell.  You can tell I was on a warm colours kick when I was last working on these two quilts.

Snowflake Shimmer

This charm squares quilt which has now been made into a quilt top and is ready for quilting.

The tea cozy

Circle of Friends:  Also a quilt top, now awaiting to be quilted.

The second quilt top I ever made:  I think it's time I got this baby done.

I know it's a pretty big list but I'll be happily chipping away at it and we will see if I get any of it done this quarter.
I'm heading over to Leanne's blog She Can Quilt to join in the link up for Third Quarter Finishes.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

A Tale of Three Quilts

     You may remember this quilt top.  It's the Broken Frames quilt designed by Cheryl Brickey  of Meadow Mist Designs and I made the top last summer.  It's a donation quilt for my local guild's outreach program.  I am currently the chair of the outreach committee (was co chair last year).

     Community outreach co-ordinates the making of approximately 100 quilts each year, although this year the President's Challenge was to make comfort quilts and we ended the year with 168 quilts. The quilts go to the Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence unit, housed at the local hospital.  Guild members can contribute by making individual blocks, by making a quilt top, by quilting tops made by others , or by donating a complete quilt.  I matched this top up with batting and a backing and put it with the others waiting to be quilted.

     Vicki picked up the quilt and used it to teach her 13 year old daughter how to use her long arm.  Vicki is really happy that her youngest daughter has shown an interest in quilting as her oldest two have shown no interest.  Here's a close up of the quilting.

     One of the great things about the outreach program is that in addition to making  quilts for a good program, members are encouraged to learn new patterns and skills. Working on the quilts is way for people to give back to their community while practicing their skills.

     I asked Cheryl for permission to share the pattern in a couple of kits for the outreach program and she generously agreed.   I had two sets of charm squares from Cotton and Steele that I  had picked up at my local quilt store and Wendy and I made kits by combining them with white background and frames of fabric, donated by Joanne's sister.

      The first one was sewn by Josee. She picked up the kit at a guild meeting. The  colourful charms were from the Mochi line, designed by Rashida Coleman-Hale.  The dark green frames went well with this line.

It was quilted by one of the generous long armers that belong to the guild.The swirls look great don't they. 

     Cyndy put the last kit  together.  These charms were Tokyo Train Ride by Sarah Watts and the frames where a copper brown, which complement the charms quite nicely.  Sometimes we are lucky to have things in the guild stash that work perfectly together.

     The quilting on this one was straight lines quilted diagonally across the quilt, also done on a long arm.  I think it's very effective.

       Many hands helped to make these quilts which will be used to provide comfort and healing.  You can read about more donation quilts at the Sew Some Love linky at Kat and Cat Quilts where I will be linking up today. I'll also be linking up with Lorna of Sew Fresh Quilts for Let's Bee Social.


Sunday, 25 June 2017

June Goal Finished

    Despite being very busy over the last month I've managed to squeeze in a little bit of sewing time and I am happy to report that I've finished my One Monthly Goal for June.  It was a fairly simple one as I knew I would be busy.

     My goal was to make a quilt top out of my Stash Bee blocks for 2016.  After seeing the blocks on the design wall I decided to add some sashing between the blocks and to add a wider border on the sides.  There are a lot of fun fabrics in this quilt.

     The quilt finishes at about 58" by 76"  I received quite a few blocks from people who crashed the hive to make fun blocks so I will be able to make another quilt with the leftovers.  

          I'll be linking up with Beth of Cooking up Quilts for Main Crush Monday and with Patty at Elm Street Quilts for the One Monthly Goal link up.  It feels good to have this happy quilt top finished.          

Monday, 12 June 2017

The Free Fall Link Up

     I am really in love with this quilt.  It's our version of the Free Fall Quilt, put together by myself and my friends Cyndy and Wendy.  I took it out Sunday morning to get photos in the early light.

     As we are going to donate this beauty to our Guild's outreach committee, we enlarged the quilt to fit the dimensions needed. We added extra leaves on the white fabric below the shadow leaf to lengthen the quilt and plain borders on the top and sides.

     I love how the leaves on the bottom look like they are swirling in the wind.

     We bought the fabrics for the shadow leaf and the background from Creative Sisters, which is our new local quilt shop since Greenwood Quiltery has closed.  Local now means going to Kitchener, the next city to the west.

     For the smaller leaves we used larger scraps and fat quarters from our stashes, including fabrics from Tamara Kate, Kaffe Fassett, Malka Dubrawsky and Amy Butler.

     There was absolutely no hope of us quilting this beauty before the link up because our lives are too busy right now.   Cyndy's daughter and two grandchildren are visiting from Qatar.  Wendy's youngest son is getting married mid July and she's sewing a lot of the dresses.

    We welcomed our new grandson two weeks ago (the day after we moved his family across town). This has been both joyous and stressful as his mother ended up with an infection and had to go back to the hospital twice.  She has an auto immune condition so this is quite serious for her.  She is back home now and appears to be much healthier so we are all hoping she will continue in good health and the family of four can get back to normal.

     Dwight and I, along with the other set of grandparents, and many friends have been pitching in to babysit both the new born and the 15 month old as Mom has been very sick and in the hospital for a couple of days at a time.  We love spending time with the little ones.  The new born Eli is pretty laid back so far and Gabriel is a going concern who loves to be outdoors.  I'm feeling very grateful to my employers who have let me have extra time off work.  Everything else has pretty much gone out the window.

     I'll be linking up with Beth of Cooking Up Quilts for the Main Crush Monday link up and with Sandra of Musings of a Menopausal Melon for the Free Fall link up.  Thanks Sandra for designing this quilt and holding this fun quilt along, and thanks Cyndy and Wendy for joining me in making this wonderful quilt.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Getting Social Again with a Little Bit of This and That

     It's a beautiful day today and lucky me, I have an unexpected day off so I've been using the fact that it's not dull and rainy to take some photos of some of the blocks I've been making in the last while.

     Why the day off!  Well my second grandson was scheduled to be delivered by C section yesterday and I booked off today and tomorrow to help out with Gabriel and the new baby Eli while my son is at non violent intervention training.  Eli decided to mess up everyone's schedule and arrive  a week early so I scrambled to get off two days last week as well.  My shifts this week were filled so as I was not needed today I get to relax.  I'll be back with the kids tomorrow.  Yay!
 I plan to do a little cooking also to help keep everyone nourished.

     I've been scrambling lately to find enough time to quilt and to blog but here are some of the things I have been working on.

     First up is this paper pieced, paper airplane block I made for the block lotto for the Toronto Modern Guild.  I love this block and sadly I did not win the blocks so I'll have to make more sometime.  The pattern is a free one from Kristy at Quiet Play and it's a pretty easy pattern.

     Have you seen the Little Tents  quilt that Daisy from Ants to Sugar ( Now Warm Folk) designed?  I think it's beautiful and I proposed it as a summer block lotto for my local guild Royal City Quilters Guild.  For our block lottos, the community outreach committee gets half the blocks and we use them to make donation quilts.  This is a 12 1/2" block and the quilters can make this size or 6 1/2" or 18 1/2".  We are giving people till November to get these blocks done.

     Keeping with the outdoorsy theme, we are holding two block lottos over the summer and the second is for these tree blocks using the tutorial by Amy Smart of Diary of a Quilter. This one is due in October.   And if you are wondering about the socks that go so nicely with these blocks they are Maggie's organic cotton, made in the USA.  I have a bit of a love affair with Maggie's socks so I thought I would share it here.

     The Delectable Mountains blocks were made for the Grand River Modern Quilt Guild block lotto details here.  We had to use a solid and a low volume fabric.  I chose purple because the sample block was green and I thought they would go well together.  I also made the May block but I don't have a photo of it.

      Now I know what you are thinking...three guilds, is she nuts? The answer would be yes.   At some point I will have to do some adjusting here.  I've belonged to the local traditional guild for about 10 years and for the next two years I'm chairing the community outreach committee which I love.  I joined the TMG about two years ago and the Grand River Guild a couple of months ago.  Grand River is closer to my home and I was thinking I would eventually leave the Toronto Guild but after the last TMG meeting I realized that I am quite bonded to those women....especially the ones I went to Quilt Con with so I guess I'll just thinly spread myself between the three guilds for now.  Both Modern Guilds are quite laid back and casual which suits my style.

     Which brings me to Stash Bee.  Here is my version of the block we made last month for Susan.  It's a Celtic Knot and Susan asked for bright happy fabrics.  I think it will fit the bill.

     I'm linking up with the Social Butterfly herself Lorna of Sew Fresh Quilts.  It's good to be back and hopefully I'll stay a while.

Monday, 5 June 2017

One Monthly Goal for June

     Well May managed to get away from me somehow with only two blog posts to show for it.  In all truth it was a very busy month with a visit to my sister for the Victoria Day weekend, and a day moving my son and his family into their new rental house.

       I did get some sewing done at a sew in at my local guild and I'll share that later in the month when Sandra has the link up for the Free Fall Quilt Along but I didn't manage to finish my goal for the month.  I do have a really good excuse though.  

     My second grandson arrived one week and a day before his scheduled C section and quilting plans went out the window!  I don't have any really good pictures of him yet so you will just have to trust me when I tell you that he is gorgeous!  His name is Elisha Luke but they call him Eli for short.  If like me, you are unfamiliar with the name it rhymes with Elijah. He weighed 6 lbs 15 ounces and is almost the spitting image of his older brother.  Both boys were born with a full head of hair.  Gabriel's never fell out.

      Back to quilting. My goal  for May was to sew the flimsy together for my Circle of Friends Quilt.   I did manage to square up the blocks and I put them on the design wall. 

     I decided that once I sewed the blocks together the circles would be closer together than I would like so I decided to sash them.  This is as far as I've got.  These are big blocks 15 inches , so I am making the quilt to have 4 rows with 3 blocks each.  The sashing and outside borders are 2 inches.

   I've decided to push this goal into June and hopefully I'll complete the flimsy this month.  It will be a busy one with lots of babysitting as mom recuperates from her C section.  Life with a 15 month old and a newborn is wonderful but also tiring!

     I'm joining the OMG link up at Elm Street Quilts.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Free Fall Progress

     The past two weeks have been even busier than normal. I've been to three different guild meetings, one bee day, a workshop with Sherri Lynn Wood in Toronto and a training for my job.  I've also had a cold and allergies so it's been hard to sit down and share my experiences here.   I do however, have some progress to share on the Free Fall quilt along.  None of the progress you are seeing here is mine though.  There is a little bit of Cyndy progress and a lot of Wendy progress added to my blocks in this photo.  The lighter leaves don't show up too well so you will have to use your imaginations.

     One of the 1/2 and 1/2 blocks is missing because a small piece of fabric was with me and not with Wendy. Actually now that I think about it there is some progress by me as I fixed the leaf points that were going in the wrong direction.   We are making our quilt larger than the original so there are a few more blocks to come.  There is a sew day at our local guild on Saturday and we are planning to put the top together there....I know Sandra has yet to post the  instructions but I think we can figure it out.
      Things will continue to be busy in the next while as we will be visiting my sister over the Victoria Day weekend.  Fingers crossed she's not flooded.  Two weeks after that our second grandson will be delivered by C section and lucky me I get to babysit his older brother for a couple of days while his Dad is at a work training.  Life is good.  Just no time to sit down.  I'm linking with the Free Fall Link up.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

One Monthly Goal for May

     It's time to set my Monthly Goal for May and I've decided to tackle putting the top together for my 2016 Stash Bee Top.
I chose the Circle of Squares or Circle of Friends block for that project.  It's been a year since I posted the tutorial to my bee mates so it it will be nice to put it together for that anniversary.

          The pattern for these blocks came from Janeth of Toefeather.  I altered the pattern to make 15 1/2" blocks not thinking about the fact that my biggest squaring up ruler is 12 1/2".  Lisa of Lisa in Port Hope shared  in a comment with me how she squares blocks using her cutting mat, but I've managed to borrow a really big squaring up ruler from Cheryl so I will be able to use that. 

     So while I wait for the last of my 2017 bee blocks to arrive, I'll move the 2016 blocks closer to completion.

     What's your monthly goal for May? 
 I'm linking up with the OMG goal link up at Elm Street Quilts.

Sunday, 30 April 2017

I Made Myself a Tiara

      Ever since Molli Sparkles announced the Honey Pot Bee, I've wanted to have a tiara.  It just seemed fitting for the Queens and Kings and Princes and Princesses mentioned in the write up.  Well this morning I finished making my tiara or perhaps it's a crown.  The pattern for this crown, the Sew Royal block is from this tutorial by the Sparkling man himself.   

     I used purple mirror dot fabric that I picked up at the Toronto Modern Guild's sale a few months back.  The darker purple fabric is from that sale as well.  I bought both fabrics with the intention of donating them to my local guild's community outreach stash. I'll still donate the fabric to the guild but these fabrics were just perfect for  a crown block so I decided to use just a tiny bit for myself first.

     I'm posting this on Sunday night the last day of April , just squeezing it in before the deadline One Monthly Goal.   After two months of not meeting my goal I went with a smaller goal this month and I'm happy to say I reached it.  My goal was to make four blocks for the Honey Pot Bee.  The crown is one of them and here are the others, in the order I made them.

The Starflower block which was Molli's pick for January and comes from a tutorial by Jennifer of Ellison Lane.

     The Stripey Stripe block which was Audrey of Hot Pink Quilts block design for April.  I think this was my favourite to make so far.  It's very clever and quite simple to make.

     The starry sky block chosen by Kitty of Night Quilter for April . The paper pieced pattern was designed by Persevering Mom.

     Here's my blocks all hanging out together.  There should be two trees but I could only find one, which gives you an idea of the state of my sewing room.

     I'm not 100% sure the crown will work in the same quilt as the other  blocks but maybe I'll just try throwing some more purple into the mix and see what happens.  I'm linking up with the OMG linkup at Elm Street Quilts and with Beth at Cooking up quilts for Main Crush Monday Tuesday this week, because I'm pretty happy to have met this goal.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Improv Row for a Group Project.

     It's been a while since I've worked on any improv projects and truth be told I have not been keeping up with the adhoc improv quilt link due to other demands on my time.  I do however have a piece to share this week.  Here's a detail of one of my favourite parts of this piece.

     It all started out with a challenge that Cheryl brought to our small modern group.  Cheryl is the co chair of the community outreach committee of the guild.  She had some blocks from the block of the month program that weren't quite working with other blocks from that month.  Here's the original block.  It's 20 inches square.  Mine had slightly different fabrics, but they were the same range.

     Cheryl cut the blocks in half on the diagonal giving each of us a piece that looked like this.

     Our task was to take the triangle, along with some pieces of fabric she gave us and to make a row for a quilt adding other fabrics from our stash that went with it and grey fabric.

      I started cutting,slashing and adding pieces until I ended up with this piece which I rather liked.

      I had my starting off piece so I worked on adding components.  Things went up on the design wall.  Here's the start of something.

     And here's further refinement.  

     I worked on this row over a course of several weeks around other projects.  There were some challenges for me.  Some of the additional fabrics we were given were ugly ducklings to my eye and incorporating them was a bit difficult.
Another problem was that I didn't have enough of the grey fabric I was using as background so I had to figure out how to solve that problem.  A couple of the improv pieces I have worked on have had size requirements and trying to get your free flowing design into a certain size can be a bit daunting.

     My daughter Madeleine relaxes with rock climbing and she loves bouldering.  Bouldering takes place on a three dimensional structure and a course is set that requires the climber to problem solve a way up the route.  I think the process she enjoys with bouldering is similar to the process I enjoy with improv.  It takes your brain into a focussed place where you work out your next step.

    In the end I added a darker grey.  This required me to go back and add some of that grey to the other side of the row.
Here's my final result.  I'm quite happy with it.  I don't think the dark grey is perfectly balanced in the row but I'm pretty sure it will balance out in the quilt.

     It's interesting.  I have seen rows made by 6 others in the group and they are all quite different, but the fabrics tie them together .   When It's all put together I'll share a photo.

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