Monday, 15 February 2016

The Stash Post

     Well it's time to link up my first stash report, and I would like to say I think I did o.k. I'll remind you that I am not totally giving up on purchases, but participating in the year of the stash has got me thinking more about what I purchase.  I seem to be buying less fabric but more books.

      You might recall that my stash manifesto was to use up the weird, the wacky and the wonderful one off's in my stash.  You may not recall that, I had to look it up myself.

     I made four of these, all with different fabrics from the stash.

      I also gave away some a couple of metres of fabric and some quality scraps to friends who I knew would be more likely to use it than me.  There's also several metres of fabric in a bag for the guild stash and the really dreadful stuff went to the reuse store.  Hopefully it finds some love there.
     I backed the pick up sticks quilt with fabric from the stash that I bought years ago, thinking I would make a jacket for myself out of it.  You can just see it peeking out in this picture. 

     These were made from scraps.

     And I made this lovely little assortment for the soon to be born grandchild.  The fronts....

     The backs...

 and this..

     In case you can't tell those are burp pads in the first  and second photo and a burp pad on top of a receiving blanket in the third photo.  This little grouping above represents my second finish of the 2016 finish along first quarter which you can read about here if you are so inclined.

     And speaking of finishes I will be hosting TGIFF this Friday so be sure to come back and link up your finishes. This is my first time hosing TGIFF (Thank Goodness it's Finished Friday) and my first time hosting a linky party.
But right now I'm linking up with Jenn at A Quarter Inch From The Edge where she's holding a linky party to celebrate the Year of the Stash.


  1. I will definitely be back on Friday to link up with you! I'm excited you will be hosting TGIFF. And you did a lot with your stash, every bit adds up and it is neat to get to look back and see how much gets accomplished - even vicariously.

  2. Great job Lisa. I too have fabric that was bought for garment but ended up in quilt's backing. Plans have the ability to change lol.
    Count on me to be back Friday. Wish I could finish something so I can participate. Oooh you might have urged me on lol. ;^)

  3. Doesn't it feel good to be using some of your stash? I've been sneaking little things in as I can. From the pictures, you have definitely been putting yours to good use. I'll be back to party with you on Friday :)

  4. You have been busy working through your stash. Congrats!!

  5. What a great goal - to use up the weird and wonderfuls. I might set that as next year's goal. That, or to use up some of the non-quilting weights. (Popped across from Jenn's link-up.)

  6. I liked this goal originally and it definitely looks like you are off to a flying start! I love the burp pads (can't have too many of these!)

  7. Okay so much to inquire and talk about here! You will need to tell me about TGIFF, since I have toyed with the idea of hosting it too! Yay for you for doing this!! Love that first little bowl--think I have some of the fabric you used in the handles. Love seeing the pickup sticks quilt again. And oh I chuckled when I read that basically it's okay if we, the readers, didn't remember your stash manifesto (which I think is very clever btw) as you had to look it up yourself! :-) Being a grandmama is just the best, too.

  8. Oh that is so great, the way you are using up your one-offs. I have so many project ideas lately and so little time to sew, I'm going nuts! I want to use up my stash, too.

  9. Well done on weeding out your stash a bit and on making some great stash busting projects. I've been taking a serious look at some of my treasures and sending them on to others who will enjoy them more! Thanks for linking up!

  10. You are showing so many fun projects. Your Polaroid blocks look great. I need to look for my novelty prints.

  11. Nice job on the finishes!! Thank you for participating in the FAL on behalf of the FAL hosting team!