Wednesday, 19 August 2015

What I did on my summer vacation

     Do you remember those essays we used to have to write at the beginning of every  school year.  We couldn't leave the summer to itself but had to think of it as homework.  Well I've had some homework this summer.  Quite enjoyable homework for the Outreach Committee for my local Guild. You can check the Comfort Quilts tab at the top of the blog if you would like to know more. 

     We handed out blocks to all the Guild members when they renewed their memberships.  These are some that I made.  

     Our committee has also been busy preparing for our program starting in September.

      We decided to restart  the block of the month program and each  committee member took on the task of finding a block , making sure we have permission to use it and provide instructions for making it.  The guild members will get instructions for making the block in our newsletter so they can make the block using their own scraps/stash, or they can pick up a block kit and use guild fabrics.

     I had already asked Tanya of Tanya Quilts in Colorado if we could use her Medallion Log Cabin Block and as she had agreed I was first up.

     I made the two sample blocks shown here to be used as examples in the guild newsletter.

        In addition to sending photos to the newsletter co-ordinator  I wrote a small article with a link to Tanya's tutorial, and I made a one page instruction sheet to go in with the blocks. On Friday we got together and cut the fabrics for the block kits. 

 But that's not all.  I have a couple of quilts made over the last couple of years that I'm finishing up.

  This is a close up of one block of a quilt that I've quilted in straight lines that mimic the shape of the wonky wedges. This is a very busy quilt so I went for simplicity. It has a border of the lighter fabric on the left and I'm planning to free motion wonky squares like the ones in the fabric.  This will be a challenge for me, so I might change my mind if it doesn't go well.

     I also put the borders on this quilt and will be practicing free motion loops on it.
And just so you know I have a life outside of the community outreach committee here is a photo of Dwight and I at my friend M.J.'s hippy themed wedding we attended on Saturday.

     We don't look very hippy do we? Some people went all out and looked like they were at Woodstock.  I'm linking up to Let's Bee Sewcial at Sew Fresh Quilts, and W.I.P. Wednesday at Freshly Pieced.



  1. What I Did On Summer Vacation by Lisa..... Awww, yes! The blocks are lovely and look fun to make. And I love the photo of you and Dwight smiling. Peace out, man!

  2. Your Medallion Log Cabin Blocks look great. Thanks for giving me credit! :0)

  3. I've never heard this quote before, but it's a good one! My summer sewing was limited, but I was able to sneak in enough moments to finish all the blocks to complete one of my three quilts in the works!

    I just joined a bee recently, and had thought that I would like to work on something that would be a charity quilt... great blocks btw! It's so fun when quilts start to come close in the finish line!

    Greetings from Germany!

    P.S. My husband is originally from the Bremen area!

  4. It sounds like a lovely "vacation", you certainly have some lovely blocks and quilts to show for the work. :)

  5. Some fun blocks and it sounds like a good way to get people started. I love the photo at the wedding - you look suitably laid back.

  6. You have been busy on vacation. The blue log cabin blocks are really eye catching, especially the second, that would be my favourite. All the talk of hippies and Woodstock took me right back to the sixties. I remember I had long hair, painted flowers on my cheeks, crazy dress prints and had bright green shoes! Made me smile.

  7. Comfort Quilts sounds like a wonderful and worthwhile cause. Your medallion log cabin blocks look great!

  8. Sounds like a busy summer - love the idea of a hippy themed wedding!

  9. I love your medallion log cabin , aren't these known as bubble blocks now

  10. Cool ideas happening in your guild! I was in charge of the BOM once for a year; it was fun. I like that medallion log cabin of Tanya's, kind of like Cynthia's Scrap-a-Palooza #16. Great pic of you and Dwight! My hubby would NEVER agree to his photo on my blog, bad enough I got his flip-flop feet in the Blue Ribbon Star quilt shot! I think your FMQ quilts will be great. One of the things I read somewhere is to FMQ over teh patterns in a fabric for practice, so those wonky squares are perfect!

  11. Sounds like an excellent vacation (and some very nice blocks)

  12. So glad you stopped by my blog to take a look at my Midnight Mystery beginnings. I always have to check back to see if the writer has a blog and here you are! Your Quilt group seems to be very busy. I went to my first meeting at our local Homemakers Quilt group which happens to meet less than a mile from here. I'm excited! On top of that, I have gotten 2 more friends to go with me and they seem excited. I enJOY seeing the work here. Great job! I'm joining so I WILL be back to check on your projects as well.