Friday, 18 March 2016

My Forays into Garment Sewing

     The folks at my local quilt shop have been sporting a lot of Scout Tee's lately and I decided to try my hand at making one.  I'm not much of a garment sewer, being one of those kid's that really struggled at home ec when I was younger so I only try things that are really easy.  Two summers ago  I made two Wiksten Tanks which you can see at the bottom of the post.

     I'm always a bit nervous that clothing won't fit right so the first time I try a pattern I make it out of sale fabric.  It takes the pressure off of making it with the awesome expensive fabric I have in mind for the project. So here's my prototype.

     It's a stash buster made with a green/grey fabric from Mrs. March's Collection by Lecien.  I bought this fabric on sale several years ago.  The pattern is a Grainline Studio pattern rated at level one beginner.  It was the perfect level of sewing for me given my current level of busyness.

     This does not mean that it went off without a hitch.  Most of it did come together very nicely but right before I put the last sleeve in I received a phone call that was a little upsetting.  This is what happened when I put the sleeve in.

     That's right, it was inside out!  I pulled out the stitches turned it right side out and started to pin it.  The next night I finished pinning it and sewed it in again.  

     I noticed this tuck and on further inspection......

I realized I sewed the sleeve in upside down! Oh well lesson learned, hopefully.  As they say the third time is the charm and it worked out in the end.

    Here are the two Wiksten tanks I made previously.  First the prototype. Made from now unknown green fabric I bought on sale...

and next the one I really love.

made from Elk Grove by birch fabrics.  Expect to see the leftovers from this shirt featured in a group quilt in the future.
I'm linking up with TGIFF which is hosted by Jenn at Quarter Inch From the Edge this week.


  1. Third time was a charm! The end product looks great!

  2. It's nice to see there's a happy ending to the sleeve saga! So glad that you got things worked out, it's always hard to focus when other things are on your mind. I love both your tank tops, but I'm partial to the deer as well! :)

  3. Kudos for continuing...I might have given up. Good luck with finishing. Your tanks are great.

  4. These are lovely tops. I worry so much about sewing for myself... always afraid it won't fit. And I hate the idea of investing the time into making a prototype. Perhaps I need to push my limits! Thanks for linking up with TGIFF @ A Quarter Inch from the Edge!

  5. I think you did a wonderful job with your Scout Tee prototype. Thanks so much for sharing your experience. I have had the occasional thought once in a while about trying garment sewing. Especially something using fabric as cute as those Elks! Maybe one day...

  6. Oh! Seeing those Wiksten tanks (new to me, you must explain) makes me want to rush out and get some rayon, or some cotton lawn and make one! I haven't sewn garments for some time, well, Brady's pjs I guess count, but I miss it from time to time. Hope things are okay regarding the phone call. Hugs.

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  8. I like the quilting - the loops look like petals to me, as if you are doing great big daisies. I dither about garment sewing but really should have a go.