Wednesday, 16 March 2016

From February Frenzy to March Madness

     This is what is beside my sewing machine right now.

     It's score 1 from the Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters.  I'm working on it for a challenge for the Toronto Modern Guild.  I'm thinking of calling it "Can't Cut with Scissors" as I have been finding cutting straight lines with scissors a little difficult, so some of the squares are turning into rectangles...but that will just make this piece my own I suppose. 

      Things have been fairly quiet on the blog over the last month or so this is because things have not been quite so quiet out in the rest of my life and squeezing in sewing time and blogging time has been a bit more difficult.  
     Many of you will know that my 87 year old aunt had a fall in February and this is what has taken up most of my time.  My sister and I have been going into the city to visit her and check on her progress,meet with various health professionals and make arrangements with her apartment.  It takes up a lot of time and it's emotionally exhausting.
     There have been bright lights however.  My nephew and his partner had their second child in February.  Charlotte came so quickly into this world that she was delivered by her father under the guidance of the emergency operator.  They live four hours away so I have yet to meet her but I've seen lot's of pictures and she's gorgeous.
     And the most exciting thing for me is that my grandson was born yesterday morning.  No sharing of pictures on the blog though so you will have to take my word for it that he is also gorgeous.  Gabriel's most outstanding feature so far is that he has a full head of blond hair.  My son was born with a full head of black hair.  So he takes after both of his parents in the hair department.  Other than that he so far seems to be the spitting image of his mother.
     Here's something I managed to accomplish.

     This is the March Stash bee block for Amanda.  We were asked to make this scrappy cross block in shade of navy or shades of mint or shades of kelly green.  One of the things about joining the stash bee is you get to see the limitations of your stash.  I have no kelly green and only two mint green fabrics, and I have a lot of fabrics in my stash that are multi coloured.  I did find three navy fabrics in my scrap bins that I hope work for Amanda.  Here's a closeup of my fabrics.

     The solid and the print with dragonflies are both Japanese fabric scraps left over from the quilt on my bed.  I'll share it in a Throwback Thursday post some day.  I'm not sure what Amanda has planned for her blocks but the inspiration quilt which you can find here is phenomenal.

     So far I'm really enjoying making all these blocks.  I get to see all these possible quilts that I could make.  It's good to have possibilities don't you think.  I'm linking up with Lets Bee Social to see what possibilities I can find over there.


  1. I too have had a very busy February And March that have left little time for blogging. I love your last block, especially you blue scraps. Debbie

  2. Congratulations on your grandson making is appearance! I know you have been waiting for him to get here. Enjoy spoiling him rotten :) And what a story about your nephew's little one getting here. I'm feeling those blues, gold/yellow and whites by your machine. That is one of my favorite color combinations. I'm sure Amanda will love the bee blocks you created for her.

  3. The bee block is fantastic! Very graphic. =) I hope that the moms, dads and babies are all well and keeping healthy. Congratulations to the family additions.

  4. I am so glad you have been able to do a bit of sewing among all the other journeys life has taken you on recently. The bright spots sound incredibly lovely; I'm glad your grandson is healthy and congratulations. :)

  5. Playing in scraps sounds fun, just enjoy! I like being challenged by bee blocks, and it's nice that the queen bee was flexible with her colours.

  6. Congratulations!! I hope you get to visit and snuggle with Gabriel soon.

  7. I have been wondering how you have been doing lately. And still praying. You and your sister are such a blessing to your aunt. I'm sure she appreciates all you do! Congratulations on the birth of a healthy grandson! This is wonderful news!

  8. Congrats with both new borns! Our youngest grandchild was delivered on the couch, no time to go the hospital or bedroom! I am sure your grandson is as handsome as ours!
    Love your blue fabrics.

  9. I was a test quilter for floating squares and did use my rotary mat and cutter, but no ruler. I should have flipped the mat over so could not use the lines as reference. Glad you were able to get a little sewing in with the new baby excitement and helping with your aunt.

  10. Congratulations on the new additions to your family. That block looks super in navy. Very bold and graphic.

  11. Nice looking block. Sending good thoughts your way.

  12. Love the bright pops of color. Straight lines are overrated anyways :-)
    You are a very good niece to take such care of your aunt. Sending hugs and best wishes to you and your sister.

  13. Possibilities...aka squirrels, oh yes good to have those; they get me every time. Your navy blocks are awesome Lisa! I am going to join a bee next year I think. Haven't been in one since my guild maybe 10 years ago. It IS good to see limitations in one's stash, makes my buying that much more focused (ha, ya right). Hugs to you and to your sister at this stressful time. Remember to take care of you. Sewing helps I think, no I know, just simple rewarding 'makes' right?

    1. And DUH!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! on being a grandmother!!! It is a joy like no other and I know you will have many many precious pearls of moments to store away (ha like quilts, like good block ideas, like great fabric) and then pull out and think upon. Gosh that makes me all emotional for my Brady this morning.

  14. Congratulations! Two babies is wonderful news. congrats on to the parents and grandparents! I really like the firefly fabric you used, makes the block really interesting to look at.